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Boston Realty Advisors is a leading Boston-based, full-service independent commercial real estate brokerage and consulting firm providing its clients an entrepreneurial approach with institutional expertise. William H. Catlin, Jr. is Managing Director & Senior Partner, and he specializes in representing office tenants.

With a team of about 65 people that is growing very quickly, we needed to implement a web-based system that was real estate-specific and could link records to each other. For example, in Apto I can pull up any building in our system and see tours, owners, previous owners, occupants, spaces, floors, and comps. You can drill down as far as you want to get the data you need. The reporting functionality is also extremely powerful. I can pull a list of Boston Class B properties with 5-15K square feet, or a list of building owners on those properties. 

We’ve used other databases such as ACT! and Infusionsoft, but neither of these were meeting our needs. ACT! is a linear database, but we have non-linear data. And Infusionsoft provided some of what we needed but was not designed for real estate. 

"The developers at Apto know what they’re doing, and I would recommend Apto to other brokerages over using a generic CRM or trying to develop one in-house. "

Ultimately we decided to move to Apto because of its ability to link and relate records and because it was designed for a commercial real estate workflow. The developers at Apto know what they’re doing, and I would recommend Apto to other brokerages over using a generic CRM or trying to develop one in-house.  

The team at Apto has also been very helpful during our implementation and with answering questions when we call in for support. Apto eliminates a lot of manual data entry and provides the information we need in real-time. When you do over 80 leases in a year, being able to access up-to-date information instantly, from any device, is critical!


Wil Catlin

Managing Director & Senior Partner


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